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Monday, May 11, 2009

Bullying bills pass in more states!!!

Workplace Bullying Bills Pass NY & IL Houses

Bullying is so epidemic that more and more states are looking at the problem and opting to act on legislation to prevent it. The Illinois House of Representatives and New York State Assembly have passed bills calling attention to the problem of workplace bullying. In New York, A 2247 passed with a vote of 142-1 on May 6. In Illinois, HRJ 40 passed 114-0 on April 30. Both bills commission statewide studies of the problem.

In New York, A 2247 (Mark Schroeder, D-145) directed the Department of Labor to conduct a study of hostile workplace behavior and to make recommendations within a year. Comprehensive versions of the Workplace Bullying Institute (WBI) Healthy Workplace Bill (HWB), which would prevent abuse by employers, have been introduced in the Assembly (A 5414A) and Senate (S1823A).

In Illinois a $100,000 Task Force to study fiscal and employee health impact of bullying on private sector companies will be comprised of eight lawmakers with support from the Department of Human Services. Rep. Arthur Turner (D-9) was the sponsor of HJR 40 and the prime sponsor of a more comprehensive bill for public sector employers. HB 374, the WBI HWB, has not advanced in the House.

The positive House/Assembly votes send both study bills to the respective Senate chambers. This progress is encouraging for the anti-bullying legislative movement.

"We only began citizen lobbying in 2003," said WBI Director Gary Namie.
"The historical business lobby mantra of "no regulation" prevails in all legislatures. The economic meltdown and subsequent populist outrage may give lawmakers the push to do something for American workers."

In 2009, the WBI Legislative Campaign, the national network of State Coordinators, produced some version of the WBI HWB in 12 states. Since 2003, 16 states have introduced such legislation.

Namie states, "We are prepared for a long-term campaign because domestic violence, civil rights, women's rights, and schoolyard bullying were problems decades before lawmakers took action."

History of the WBI HWB is found at -- workplacebullyinglaw.org and healthyworkplacebill.org

Workplace Bullying Institute | Campaign Against Workplace Bullying | Workdoctor.com | (360) 656-6630

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