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You may notice a variety of topics here - from business, to charity promotion, even to local news, but the primary reason this blog was created was to alert readers to the hostile atmosphere and sexual harassment at The Danville Register & Bee. The readers and creator of this blog want a FULL FRONT PAGE apology in the Danville Register & Bee, plus the disciplining of those individuals involved. Until then, we'll continue to post regular updates. To tolerate THIS kind of behavior by a major media network is intolerable. And this isn't just ONE instance. Media General has been sued nationwide for racism and sexism, yet they CONTINUE to keep the offenders employed. Why? And why am I doing this? TRUTH compels me.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Credibilty matters

Credibility Matters. It's not just me saying so. Check out this guy. Click here.

The devastating effect dissatisfied consumers can have on your business is amazing. The impact is uncontrolled and will be as more and more dissatisfied consumers take to the internet. Yet, in the face of it all Media General doesn't seem to care. The newspaper industry as a whole, doesn't seem to care. And what has happened? Layoffs. Downsizing. Papers aren't selling and people aren't buying ads.

If you're an advertiser whose ad has been screwed up by The Register & Bee, you're not alone. And if you go online and blog - as many have done, you impact even more people than simply telling a friend. The reason for telling others about your bad experience is two-fold - it serves to notify the company to take action and it keeps your friends from suffering. If you've had a bad experience with a business, tell the business. I did that for almost eight months and no one there listened. They're still not listening. So I went to the internet. Media General isn't listening, but 14,000 other consumers are.

Make a point to make manners count at your business. Download the free ebook Manners matter at my website and find out why and how. (Yes I design and build websites too)

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