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You may notice a variety of topics here - from business, to charity promotion, even to local news, but the primary reason this blog was created was to alert readers to the hostile atmosphere and sexual harassment at The Danville Register & Bee. The readers and creator of this blog want a FULL FRONT PAGE apology in the Danville Register & Bee, plus the disciplining of those individuals involved. Until then, we'll continue to post regular updates. To tolerate THIS kind of behavior by a major media network is intolerable. And this isn't just ONE instance. Media General has been sued nationwide for racism and sexism, yet they CONTINUE to keep the offenders employed. Why? And why am I doing this? TRUTH compels me.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Local school battle heating up at Twin Springs

Expect a turnout at today's school board meeting over one family's battle to get their child into Twin Springs Elementary. The school supposedly won't allow a 10 year old to be admitted because the principal won't accept notarized papers. The family says Virgil Good's hands are tied, as are the county supervisors.

The family says the school will accept the child if the family pays $800 for the semester. They claim the denial of registration is all about money and the SOL. Pittsylvania County Schools joined an organization that recruits home schoolers into the school system last year - but the program they partnered up with has long been criticized for its focus on money - not the best interests of home schoolers.

Are the county schools all about the money? You won't find out reading the Register & Bee. They're all about a suck-up agreement with the schools not to report negative news or any controversy. When a local school was emptied after threats of a bomb and shooting last year the newspaper refused to alert readers - many of whom called the newsroom wanting information about why other parents raced to take their children out of school.

When teachers and retired teachers spoke up in meetings about the failure of SOL to bring true education to the classroom - the newspaper wouldn't cover it. Why? Controversy. Don't want to upset the school board...but then, with at least one school board member who commented in a public meeting on a new female teacher saying, "Gee, they didn't make them like that when I was in school.." referring to her looks and body (gee, must be a friend of Mac's) and demeaning her publicly...what can you expect?

Follow the money. Absent children mean less money from the state in the next year's budget. What's more important? Your child's safety and news updates about what's happening? Or the schools and newspaper making money?

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