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You may notice a variety of topics here - from business, to charity promotion, even to local news, but the primary reason this blog was created was to alert readers to the hostile atmosphere and sexual harassment at The Danville Register & Bee. The readers and creator of this blog want a FULL FRONT PAGE apology in the Danville Register & Bee, plus the disciplining of those individuals involved. Until then, we'll continue to post regular updates. To tolerate THIS kind of behavior by a major media network is intolerable. And this isn't just ONE instance. Media General has been sued nationwide for racism and sexism, yet they CONTINUE to keep the offenders employed. Why? And why am I doing this? TRUTH compels me.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Someone asked me why I decided to blog about this whole thing at The Danville Register & Bee rather than "go through channels." My answer: Because "channels" didn't work. I spend/spent lots and lots of time in Steve Kaylor's office, in Arnold Hendrix's office and on email trying to resolve things.

I have the emails and memos and documentation I will post here later. They had almost a year to deal with this and didn't. Steve Kaylor repeatedly told me my complaints were groundless and frivolous. So - I figured I'd let Danville decide for themselves. If they are - then so be it. If they're not - then I hope someone reads this and says "Who is that clown they're calling a manager down there?" and will take steps to correct the situation. They had plenty of time. They just hoped I would quit and "go away."

Not going to happen boys. Not going to happen.

Like the victim and I have both said. We don't want money. We want someone to do the right thing - to fire those involved and to get a VERY PUBLIC apology. That's not likely to come from Media General, so with this post, hopefully no serious journalist will ever darken the doors of the paper and waste THEIR time as so many of us have. Because until the management that is there now is removed - nothing will ever change.

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